Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Is the biggest group of punks that I've ever seen. They think that what GWB is doing is trying to "dismantle" social security. Well you can't do whatever you want to with it. I'm pretty dang sure that I'm not getting any of that SS money anyhow. I'm just planning on makeing enough to never need the 20 bucks a month that uncle sam will let me have when i'm 72 (That will be the retirement age by the time I'm there).

Ok, now that I'm over that... I'l go back to my day and update you on my life as I know it. Well I haven't killed any turkeys recently. I've been working on trying to find that special person in my life... (no not to marry) for sales. I think the difference that will change things for the company to put us on the map, will be getting the right person in there to help with sales. I'm doing so much other stuff, that I can't get as much done on the sales side.
I actually was sick today. So I spend some time using a soundboard from I didn't get the greatest responses, but I did have some fun with it. I hope I feel well enough to get lots of work done tomorrow.

Monday, March 28, 2005

This is going in the paper, but you heard it here first, un-edited

Web : Small Word, Big Opportunity
By Andy Chapman

In the lives of many Louisville residents, the word “web” is becoming common. The use of the internet and email is growing nationally and is growing locally as well. In the past two years, at least 20 local businesses have ventured online. Speedy Calvert, owner of Winston Furniture Company, didn’t have a computer a year ago. Now his daily routine includes adding items from his popular radio spot, Switch N Swap, to the online version of Switch ‘N Swap.

Local usage of internet access has grown with the advancement of technology. The Mud Jug now boasts of WIFI internet access. Visitors stopping in for a cup of coffee can bring their laptop, check their email, and browse the web for free.

So what does the internet do? How does it help?

John Taylor Paschal of Temtco Steel, Inc has had visitors from over 37 countries at his company’s web site in the past month. “The internet has opened up many new opportunities for us at Temtco. We keep updating our site constantly and have eliminated many of the brochures that we used to use. With 99% of our customers having internet access, we can easily communicate with them, letting them look at the site for information that doesn’t have to be faxed or mailed any more,” says Paschal.

The ultimate test for a business website is increased business. Paschal went on to say that they recently received a quarter of million dollar order from India from the recent modifications that they had implemented to their web site.

With names like Google, EBay and Yahoo becoming common place, people are starting to realize that they can find just about anything they want on the internet. Jobs are listed and searched; economic development activity is channeled. Gerald Mills, the head of Economic Development for Winston County, noted “Having an attractive, up-to-date web site has helped us as we recruit new companies to come here to Louisville. We use the internet to market available buildings, which is a critical part of economic development. Mills noted that every prospect has looked at the web site before making initial contact. “If we aren’t in that mainstream technology, we are left out. If they can’t visit us via the internet, we miss opportunities,” said Mills.

Web sites can do many things for a company, including communicate information, display a listing (like a home for sale) or actually provide an outlet for commerce where items can be purchased and shipped from an online source. Al Porter of Porter Funeral Home is one of the most recent businesses in Winston County to venture on to the web. “I have been using email and internet access for a while, but having our arrangement information on the web has helped get the word out to people and has increased communication,” said Porter. Porter also noted that it’s fun to get photos of various hunting expeditions via email.

So what is the big deal about the internet? It can help people keep in touch with friends and relatives, it can help businesses communicate with one another, it can be a source of revenue, and it can be fun. So, the next time you hear someone talking about getting on the internet, maybe you should pay a little more attention to what they are doing. They just might be saving themselves time, or money, or even having some fun keeping up with friends. If you have any questions or would like to get your business online, please contact Andy Chapman at Big River Systems at 662-803-3282.

Andy Chapman is owner of Big River Systems, LLC a web development firm located in Downtown Louisville.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Samuel Lee Chapman

What a handsome Uncle I turned out to be.
Little Sam is 3 days old now. We are so excited to be able to visit the little one. Last time they had one it was in Germany. They did "steal" our name... But we'll have to think of something else to call ours....

Finally!!!! Charlie and I went out to hunt this morning. Yesterday was the warmest day that we've had here in a while. I told him when we got out of the truck that I had a good feeling. By 6:15 that good feeling was a great feeling. We doubled up on a couple of 2 year-old birds. They came right down an old logging road to us. Charlie took the one on the right, I the left... As they say, the proof is in the pudding. This was one of the best turkey hunts I think I've ever been on. Don't tell Charlie, he wants me to build him a website for free.
If you want to hear charlie tell the story and see a video look here click on the AVI file. (until I get the HTML page ready).

Friday, March 25, 2005

My boy has nice feet. Look at those things, He's gonna be a track star.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I just figured out how to get pictures on here. So this should make it less boring to read about the front lines of life. I thought I'd put the best looking women in town on here.... So here's three of them with their primary care provider.

Turks...and lots of them.

Edward saw these Rio's and Easterns out in Cali. I wish I could get on 4 gobblers tomorrow. I'm dying for a kill. I'm 2 years overdue.

The legacy ends.

Hello all,

I know all the Mississippi State alumni would be interested in the fact
that The Landing has burned down. I don't know when. Such a tragedy.

To the non MSU alumni, the burnt pile of bricks was the only place you
could drink without fear as a freshman. It was also open 7 days a week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Turkey Bloggin

I was awakened this morning at around 4:30 with the sound of my phone ringing. I only have a cell phone, I believe in keeping my overhead low. I've figured that I've saved about 700 bucks so far by not having a "real" telephone. Not to mention the annoying telephone calls from solicitors. Well my phone is set on a ring that I feel like is very polite. "BEEP BEEP" silence "BEEP BEEP"...
you get the point. Well, it rings and scares the daylights out of me which happens to be pretty easy because at 4 am, there ain't much day light. So I jump out of bed grab the phone and manage a "hello?". It was Charlie, my turkey hunting buddy who I remembered later that I had told to call me about going hunting. He said he'd be there in 15 minutes so I got ready and waited. Our last few attempts had been miserable.
We actually managed hear one within about 15 minutes of getting to the woods. We heard one about 2 ridges over, and we lit out trying to be quiet but hurry. It's hard for a fat boy to be quiet. It's harder for a fat boy to walk half a mile carrying a gun, wearing boots, and blazing a trail through thick brush. I think I did a pretty good job. We heard him gobble a couple of more times and were getting all set up. Charlie hit the crow call again but we didn't hear a peep. Something spooked him. (could it be the heavy breathing????) We waited and called and waited. Nothing happend. We ended up leaving by 7:15, but we were encouraged. We also saw one as we were leaving the woods. If I didn't have BNI tomorrow, I'd probably go again.
I talked to Al and Wendall, neither of them had any luck either. It was a good thing we left the woods when we did. By 8:20 we had a terrible storm coming in.
I will have posted on this blog, pictures of a turkey that I harvested...if I have to go to Sunflower to get one...

Back to blogdom

Bass, my closest programming / business minded, genius friend has opened up again. I'm not sure if it will be a full fledged blog or not but I'm hoping so.

Funny thing just happend. I hit the spellcheck button. "blog" and "blogdom" both were flagged as misspelled. Kind of an odd couple of words until the last few years I suppose. But for those of you who are new out there -- THIS IS A BLOG!!!!
Blogdom is by my definition: "Entering into, or pertianing to the art of having a web log or what is commonly know as a blog. Blogdom is the realm of people who don't know each other (or some that do) but they read and comment on each others lives."

I'll wait to hear from MW.
The need me for some techspeek.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Easy Like Sunday Mawning

I've had a long Sunday AM. I teach Sunday school, then go to church, then a nap, then back for evening, then to youth group at 7.
Fortunately, today I got a small break. We had a farewell dinner after church today for our pastor of 11 years. He'll be looking for something else, we'll be looking for a new pastor. It was a emotional day at the church. We aren't having evening services, (I can't say that I'm too upset about that.) We cancelled youth group too. Even I need a break sometimes. We also have another meeting up at 4:00 PM. I helped pick the time, never dreaming that my Bulldogs would be playing basketball at the exact same time. I just hope there are no double teams at our meeting.

So, in about 2 hours, I'll be able to watch the MSU game, and spend time with the wife for the evening. I can't wait. Rest for me is very welcome.

Any State fans out there?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I should write a book

You wouldn't believe it if I told you, but I guess I'll tell ya anyhow. I'm here in a Borders bookstore (they have a t-mobile hotspot) where you can get on and use the internet. I use it a good bit here. Anyhow, I sit here in the corner and all of the stereotypes that one would imagine are here... Time to go.... I'll have to make some quick mental notes and report back to you.

Trust me, you'll enjoy this one.

Update: I tried to update this last night and went south on me.
C tells me that I should write a short story about this thing and call it "Too much money, not enough sense."
I think that sums up lots of the folks I saw in the coffee shop yesterday there were some really interesting people. The first one I noticed as I walked up was "Annoying-Overconfident-Hyper-Loud-Talker" gut (henceforth AOHLT). He was on his cell phone outside the cafe, talking loud enough for me to hear him about 40 feet away. He was the guy that you'd expect with somewhat low self-esteem, that compensates by creating as much ruccous as possible so that everyone else has to take notice of him. (more on him later) On my left was the "Lady-Who-Thinks-She's-Seventeen-Not-47." (hencforth LWTSSN4). She had a $4.27 Latte and a bran muffin, her conversation was with her friend Susan about the teacher that had sent her daughter home early from Prep. She had a cronic case of talking with her hands, (something I've been accused of but I'm not this good). I couldn't help but get the impression (possibly from the amount of diamonds on her fingers, neck and ears) that she could have owned a diamond mind in another life. While she jabbered on her phone, the "Annoyed-Girl" who was listening to Mp3's on her laptop while flipping through the latest copy of Cosmo and InStyle, was tossing her hair and tossing annoyed glances her way. When I caught her eye, she rolled her eyes as if her study of whatever the heck was in the magazines was of utmost importance. I'm sure she was trying to memorize "16 ways to drive him crazy" so that she wouldn't have to actually buy the magazine.
Meanwhile, AOHLT has come in side, and is on his laptop, which starts to make noises. His 12 year old son is with him, and he says loud enough for everyone to hear. "Well, I think we have plenty of time before our flight goes, lets get a ham sandwhich or something." I was trying to get some work done (believe it or not). I wasn't interested in what he was ordering. I thought he'd walk over to the counter but then his cell phone rang. What ringtone did he have???? No it wasn't the little polite ring... no, it wasn't at rap song... it was William Tell.... I have no idea why he felt the need to take 6 cycles of the ring before picking it up, but he did. AG shot a look in his direction, as he started talking really loud and looking at a spreadsheet. I don't know what was in cell b-14, but it was pretty important and he kept talking about sales numbers in b-14 and b-18. I almost got up to sell him a web site, but I really like 99% of my customers a lot, and don't really like doing business with people that drive me up the stinking wall. He finally shut the phone off, and when to get the food for his son.
I figured that maybe I'd get something done, but LWTSSN4's daughter came in wearing half of a mini-skirt (must have been at that half-off sale or something). She looked like a Britney Spears Wannabe. Apparently she didn't have her bank account, because she walked in and got some money from mommy for shopping... With the money in hand, she was off... I wondered if that might work with Annoying-Guy... But I only had 5 bucks on me. So I spent it on 20 ounces of frozen coffee. (I had to have some energy to write my latest rant about gas prices)...

Ok so you get the picture...Bunch folks, lots of attitude. It was very entertaining. I really should write a book. I'll work on my story telling and get back to ya.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Internet Usage Policy

I teach computer one afternoon a week here in the local Christian school. I worked with a local ISP to get them to grant us some free internet, there are 7 computers that have access. These are also equipped with BSafe online, which is a filtering software. There is no such thing as perfect filtering software because of the nature of the internet, but anyhow I was 3 minutes late to class. I walked in and every kid in the class was playing games. I later found out that they had all been told not to play games (and download stuff).
I've talked to them about an internet usage policy, I think they should have that before they do the first thing on the internet. Maybe even have parents sign something saying that they understand the consequenses of the usage policy and the punishments for violation. I'm no so much worried about them getting on there and looking up dirty stuff as I am worried about them doing the things in plain site which will WASTE tons of time for our class and the teachers and the poor computer guy that has to maintain them. What a nightmare to have a computer lab that is full of spyware and trojans and lots of other junk that makes computers freeze up, run slow, and be less productive than they should be.

Weekend Blues

The weather this weekend has been really nice. It's been one of the prettiest days so far of the year. So why, you ask, am I pecking away on my blog. Well, I've been inside, finishing up some projects, reading some, and I've already been outside today, (doesn't going to the Sunflower and McDonalds count?). C wanted a sausage buscuit again today (i think this is day 5 in a row) and so we loaded up the girls (Rosie and Sophie, our Labs) and headed out in the old honda. It was a nice drive. C andI can amuse ourselves endlessly talking about what they are "saying". When I come home late and I haven't fed them, she often tells me that they are "mad". I usually tell her that yes, they've been text messaging me about the food situation and that it's a bit behind schedule. They get so excited when we get home, I sometimes almost want one of those cats that acts like it doesn't care about you. Then again, when the dogs get in the house, I'm pretty sure that one of them has been on C's laptop. I guess I should watch what I say.

The sickness has been better, and then worse this week. We never know what to expect. It makes it worse when people tell her that she's not really sick, or that they never got sick. I've even had family members who have hurt her feelings (they don't know about this blog AFAIK) suggesting that her hormones are just messed up. I'm pretty sure she is because she's such a stickler about the house being neat all the time. I didn't grow up that way and I don't usually keep it super neat anyhow. But the house has been getting messier, and that is a pretty good indication to me that something is different. I won't go in to all of the other signs and wonders that I've been able to enjoy.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

AI -- rock and roll isn't dead

Did you see American Idol? I was glad to see that those two guys that are "rock and roll" looking punks are still around. Bo is really cool, I think he has a chance. I also like that girl that looks like Tina Turner... Any picks on who's going to win it all? I usually couldn't care less about this, but this year things are pretty cool.
Does Ryan Seacrest annoy anyone else other than me with that awful line "SeaCrest Out" at the end of the show?

Mom -- if you read this -- It's a TV show that the kids are watching these days about these kids that are competing to get signed to a record deal.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

SEO the joys

I'm so excited to annouce that one of our flagship clients has noticed a marked increase in web traffic due to some things that we've been implimenting. I can't tell you how much that means to me when the owner of a big company like that tells me that he's excited to see whats going on with his site. I guess I always want more, and that is the nature of sales, if one is good then 10 is great. You are never finished (because the spending never stops). I have been waiting for this to happen for a while I feel like we are now on the map for larger corporate clients. We need some more. I've never hired a full time upper level staffer, I'm working on finding the right person to join us. Our quiet little town has so much to offer, we have a great Christian School, a great community of people that are looking to bring good things to bear in our community. Sure we are a small town and we have our people that have disagreements, but all in all I'm proud to be here. I'm glad to see that an old buddy of mine is back in town to start a company. We are going to do his website, I can't wait to see how he does.
We need to pull together for growth, and for economic developement.

Monday, March 07, 2005

My first comment

I want to thank my buddy Batch for being the first comment on this brand new blog. For his interest in the blog batch wins a brand old, 1992 Honda Accord. (217,000 miles on it)

I really should put some rims on it and a high powered speaker system and I bet I can sell it for 3 times what it is worth.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Equity of work

I'm so tired. I don't even want to reach for the remote and switch off the TV from one of the finest shows ever. (Duh, Sanford and Son as if I had to even clarify that.) I'm kidding, but I did hear that someone is starting to show the Dukes of Hazard again. I can't wait to see that again. I remember going to Grandmothers and watching that on TNT as a younger man.

Back to the day's activities, we have a huge attic that has plenty of room if you are organized. (we aren't real organized) I put all the X-mas stuff right there by the landing up there, and so before I could do anything else I had to move that back to the back and try to get everything else in there. It's not fun toting huge crates of clothing and decor up and down the flimsy attic stairs. I'm too heavy to feel comfortable on those things. We had to move stuff from the baby's room to the garage, and sort and organize the stuff that was in the garage. I wish I could have paid someone else to do all of that junk and been fishing or something. However, once I got going, (after I saw State lose on national TV) I was very efficient. Hunting is one of my only hobbies, and I love to hunt deer, duck, turkey and dove. Part of good hunting is having good gear. Each type of hunt requires different gear, some of it can be done with the same equipment. But here's the kicker. I can't keep all of my duck gear, and deer gear and everything else all out all year. It would be great to have a nice big storage place that I can keep everything in, but I don't. That keeps me shuffling my gear around. It's a big pain in the keyster but now I've got a system -- that should help. It felt good to get some "real work" done. I always hate to get started but it's fun when it gets done.

Crushing Blows and blowouts.

I can't believe it. State just took it on the chin. What a tough loss. Almost as tough as when I killed my Danchan blog. I was just starting to get the hang of it. I guess it was an infrastructure problem. They just couldn't keep up with all of the traffic that I brought to the table. (I'm kidding)

There is a new car dealer in town. More on that later, -- it's not really a new dealer, but it's a dealership that has been sold to a pretty nice family. I talked to the owners last night at the NWTF banquet. That is another story of it's own. So... WHO IS READY FOR TURKEY SEASON?

An interesting thing happened just now going to pick up our car from the car washing place. I have a pretty old Honda Accord. C was driving, I was riding "shotgun rear" -- not shotgun because there are 800 letters to be mailed in that seat. I felt like a reverse driving miss daisy after it all. But anyhow, back to the story, we were making a turn and I hear this funny grinding noise. On an old car -- there's really no such thing as a "funny" noise. Most noises lack humor because they are expensive. C stopped the car and I looked under it in the rear where the noise originated. My exhaust suspicions confirmed, the muffler had rusted completely off the tail pipe and was just hanging down...dragging. I'm lying on my back on the side of Main Street. You can't understand the full effect of this unless you understand what a small town is like. I had 3 calls in about 5 minutes... "You break your muffler??" I told them "naw, I'm just checking for roaches under here..."

So now I have a muffler in the trunk, and a straight pipe exhaust. How much will it cost to fix a car that's probably worth $1500 bucks? Let's hope that it's not gonna cost more than 10% of the cost of the whole car.

So this is the new blogspot blog

Man this is way better than the old danchan thing. I hope the Houges and others can get away without further delay. It's so nice to have a server that works.

You know this thing even has spell-check. If it only had grammar check too... We'd be set.