Monday, November 28, 2005

Wow this is incredible

If you need a great stocking stuffer idea, I'm telling you, this web site has you coverd.

Don't you think amanda did a good job on this?

Monday, November 21, 2005

It's finally here

We've been working with Wiley Outdoor Products, LLC for a good 6 months on this project. Now they have a great web site, that is fully e-commerce ready.
Wiley Outdoor Site

Be sure and make your purchases online... And Please get one of these "flexblind systems". They are only 400 bucks. You'll love it.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Catching up

I know I've been lax posting on here. The important stuff in my life has seemed less important recently actually. We are still very much here. Chugging along... Kate is beautiful, and such a little treat of humanity, she has stolen her dad's heart. Why was I wishing for a boy? I have no idea... Well, actually there are stilll things that I'd like to have a boy for, and hopefully that will happen some day in the near -- but not right away -- future.

BRS has been an amazing learning challenge, I've had tons of great ideas, we have new sites to do all the time, and yet I feel very much broke. I think it has to do with the money that I'm owed by people that we are working for. Typically this group is called "AR". This brings me to my next fin thing. I've started a new company called "Big River Consulting Group (PLLC)." We will be doing book keeping, managing AR, financial reporting, and basically taking companies that are not on a computer based accounting system, and getting them in the computer, so that people can run reports and print invoices instead of hand writing them. Yes, get ready Louisville, you are about get get in to the 21st century. I'm working with a former auditor, and a CPA from starkville who is on my board of advisors. I have a feeling that this is REALLY going to help folks around here get up to speed and help them collect outstanding AR and keep that number low. I'm excited about getting my number lowered as well.

We did some work in the office, and re-arranged some thigns in there. Now it looks much more like an office and less like a war zone. We have gotten TONS of stuff listing on eBay (no the tractors didn't work our but i'm not finished yet).

One of the great things about this town is the people here. I had a friend of mine come over the other day and he took the old honda (all 217K of it) and took it to his house and did some work on it. New plugs, new muffler etc... thing runs like a top now. He did it for a very good price and considering that he picked it up from my house etc... that was pretty good.

Christmas is coming, it finally felt cold here the other day. Now it's just rainy and warmish, not enough to catch us up after the drought we have had since the hurricanes, but definately much needed rainfall. The dogs really seemed to like it.