Sunday, August 27, 2006

Life on the boat

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Summer is almost over and I just caught one crab

It seems hard to believe that the summer is over, school is starting back and it seems like it was just yesterday that I was on spring break, realizing I wanted to come to the coast and work. I guess the thing that has changed the most is that Kate is a little person now. No longer a crying, eating, sleeping, diaper-messing baby, she's almost one, and she's loads of fun. Today we played for several hours, "tusseling" and generally wrecking the house. Cammie took a quick break and headed to the beach alone. Trying to get some solitude in isn't easy now. Kate seems to take up all the extra time and energy in the day. Last year I was going fishing a lot, and heading out to the Neshoba County Fair etc.... but this year, when I get home I play with Kate. She's more fun than fishing, although I still want to go fishing soon. I have a friend that has a boat that will take us, we just have to pay for the fuel.

Cammie has been for the past two nights catching up with some of the women down here. She went to one of the local places that has bands last night and had a good time with her friend Kim. She sang a rendition of "brick house" apparently, I wasn't there, was babysitting Kate, T-Jean, Cody and Jordy.
Things are good right now in the Bay. I know that the heat of the summer will be over soon, and it will be the "fun" part of year to live on the coast. I can't wait to go out on some boats, and meet more local people. I've been working so much with LPC that I haven't had the time to develop more relationships in the community like I would have liked. So I'm working on that -- the going to Rotary, and meeting folks etc. New businesses are popping up here every day. There is a new coffee shop called the Mocking Bird Cafe that is very simlilar to the Mud Jug back in Louisville. Posted by Picasa