Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What a time

Charlie and I did it up right Tuesday morning. We killed 10 teal, 2 mallards and a big bull pintail. The teal really liked the decoys and were swarming in all morning. I love shoothing them, it's like a good dove hunt only better. Here's a photo of the morning spoils.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

North Delta Duck Spread

Big spead of decoys on our MO. hunt more pics to follow.

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Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Charlie sent me these, this was a hunt from this morning, that I was invited to. I hate that he did this well. But I had a good time with the tater that night. I'm going to try and go one more time before its all over with.

Congrats Charlie, good hunt buddy!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yuck... Accounting

After a meeting with my CPA Friday, I realized something that I've know for a while, but that has made itself crystal clear. I stink at doing my books, and someone else needs to do it. She asked me "when have you reconciled from" I kind of squirmed, and grunted "uhm, reconciled?? ".
2006 will be different, partly because she is going to do all my book work (except for invoices and receivables). I can't wait to get that monkey of my back and get back to knowing to-the-penny how much money I spent on what items.

I used to have so much time that quickbooks was like a daily musing, now I'm so busy actually doing the work, that it has taken a back seat to finishing web sites. I guess it's not that different from folks who "know how to do a web site" but that pay me handsomely to do a good professional job...

I need to get back to a "whats new in 2006" for BRS. I'll post some links to new sites that we've completed, and some that we are working on in the new year. You never know what type of site we might be working on these days. Publicly traded companies, brand new companies, radio stations etc... we are doing it all. We are running ads on 104.5 out of starkville, and star92 and rock 101 out of grenada, in hopes of expanding our market more outside of the louisville area. Don't get me wrong, we already work with companies all over the country, but there's plenty of room for more growth right here in MS. Watch for some new product offerings in the next few months. You might be suprised at what we can do.

Friday, January 13, 2006

It's easy to get behind

I can't believe that it's this far in to January. Seems like yesterday was Christmas. I've been pretty busy with things work related, and some "fun" related. After a somewhat slow December, things have picked up this month. We have several new sites to work on at big river, and have had lots of new kate things to do. She got her 4 mo. shots on Tuesday. She was pretty well behaved, it took to nurses to hold her little chubby legs down so they could give her shots. I helped hold her still, I hate doing that, I feel like I'm being so mean to her. But the truth is, that its better than catching measels, mumps and rubella, (or whatever they were for).

We had a big trip, chandler ross and I took to MO. We hunted at the North Delta Duck Club. We had a great time. The first morning we were covered up with ducks and snow geese. I have some incredible photos on the camera that I need to get off and post here. The second day, wasn't quite as busy, we missed out on several groups of mallards because we were taking a leak, or fixing the decoys... I guess thats how it goes. We stayed at the New Orleans Inn in Portageville, MO and it was pretty nice accomodations. They have a bar and grill that was pretty good food. Reasonalbly priced, and good service. There will definately be a return trip.

Things here at the home front are continuing on. I have a meeting with my accoutnant today, to recocile several months of of bank statements and checks, and get my W2's and 1099's ready for this coming up year. This is my first year to have the w2's and I'm not really looking forward to all of this, i really want to hand over the whole bookkeeping thing. It's not my cup of tea. I'm good at sales, marketing and management (making sure others are doing what they are supposed to do). I've got to let go of the books and let someone else do it. 100% of it would be nice.

Have to do more later.