Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Several updates

Ok. Well the house we thought we were getting below... was a LEMON. Terrible home inspection, and upon closer review, there were too many things poorly done to get a house like that. Unless we could get it for a bargin. Good news is, that within an hour, we found and made an offer on another house, and it is under contract with us now. It's a much better house and we feel great about it. Cammie has kept things rolling here at the home front. She's already got the house mostly packed up, except for the stuff you need for everyday living. Kate has been growning up, learning how to pull up, laughing, crying a little, and generally having a big time.
We aren't sure when we move yet, we have to get the house here closed (we have a contract on it) and we have to get the one on the coast ready to move. Should be in mid-june at the latest, but hopefully more like EARLY june.

Ok, I have to go do some chores (yep, I'm in Louisville).

Sunday, May 07, 2006