Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some Beach - Somewhere

Thanks JBC for taking this great shot... Me in a day at the office!
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Friday, September 14, 2007

Week in review

So I haven't blogged much recently, some of you know I've been busy, others of you may just think I've been lazy, it's been a combination of both, so much to tell, but I'll try and hit the high points. I've been working a lot -- which might come as no surprise to many of you. I've taken a position as a Business Adviser / Marketing Coach / Analyst with Halo Business Advisors in Kosciusko, MS. No, I haven't moved, we just travel from time to time. (weekly often). I've been working on some exciting projects, including Taste Of Gourmet, in Indianola, MS and their re-branding and packaging project. My good friend Jonathan Shull from Propeller in Jackson, has been doing the design with Kyle, and I have to post this logo -- because it's so incredible. We've been working like crazy to get their marketing ramped up, and their new product line pricing and labeling ready to go, along with a new catalog and more...including the blog with the most personality on the internet. Evelyn's Blog. (www.evelynsblog.com)
She's Mississippi's own Paula Deen -- A woman that loves good food and well, I also found out last week that we share a similar taste in beverages.

We've also been cranking out some web site designs. One of my favorite designs ever is the Mockingbird Cafe in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. (oh we did the city site too this summer).
Kate just turned two, and she's still daddy's walkin' talkin' dream. She says so many words, and can say "hello" and "mommy" and "Dad" which is what i'll likely hear in the morning before our weekly pancake breakfast. Mumsy is in town tonight, and we'll get up and cook some breakfast and have a big time with KT in the morning. She loves her mornings, and we always laugh and play and sometimes I take her to "skool" where she loves playing with her friends. She is such a ham, she laughs and talks and tells even complete strangers "hello" and "goodbye." She's not afraid of anything, she loves "Elbow" her favorite Sesame street character (elmo). She loves to go to the beach, and she loves "bobo" her chocolate lab.
Cammie has had some bouts with medical stuff, but she's doing good. She's my new bookkeeper and husslah, at the company. She keeps me on track and has been a great helper. Her company stuff continues on. She's now doing "Dwell Well" and if you don't know how to do that, it's probably time you learn a little about organization and order in your life. Growing up the middle of 7 kids, I didn't ever have anything organized in my life, (except my baseball cards) but she's got me hanging up towels, and having my sock drawer organized (you can fit more in there that way). She's a great mom to Kate, and she's been doing a great job teaching her about life, I'm so proud of her, and all her hard work. She still is the Scheduling Coordinator at Lagniappe Church here in the Bay. She works very hard, and sometimes get a chance to come on work trips with me as well. I'm very proud of all that she's been able to do in the last few months. We've been working on this thing called 'marriage' and it's been a challenge. Two imperfect people living together, what could be easier right? We've learned a lot about communication, and I've learned about how little I know about communicating. (I guess I've gotten it honestly)

It's been a great few months of learning, and growing, and Kate has been a real trooper, been through some sickness recently, and I think she's getting better now. She had a hacking cough but she's been on some pretty strong meds, and she's doing great now.

I'm headed to Louisiana next week for the Destination Downtown conference in Nachodics (ok I can't spell it without googleing it). They are the oldest settlement in Louisiana and home of the movie "Steel Magnolias." Without going in to the whole story, we almost stayed in the house where it was filmed, but we'll be staying down the road. $200 bucks cheaper, speaks volumes. Thanks Cam, for putting up with me, and going on the trip. I'm looking forward to seeing all the folks from the Mississippi Main Street Association. It should be a good time to learn about some of the newest information about downtown revitalization, and more.