Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fun times

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back in action.

It's been over 5 years since I 've really played at the ol' watering holes. I think the last time I played at a bar was the day Carl and Shea got married. Wednesday night I played for about 50 folks here at a bar called Clyde's ( coming soon ;).
We had a blast, I have always made up songs off the top of my head, and so I did about 3 numbers, making up stuff about some of the people in the crowd... They loved it, I had a blast. People always ask, "what do you play?" The answer is hard. Everything from Journey, to Willie and Waylon, Old Country, New Country, Queen, John Prine, CCR, Nanci Griffith... plus I've written so many songs that people are starting to ask for by name.
So I guess, what I play is whatever I want to play. I don't have the Steve Perry voice, or the Willie Nelson grinding silk voice, but I LOVE singing. I've always thought that I had to be able to sing like Eddie Vedder, or Randy Travis to be able to do something with music. I've realized I'm wrong. I can be me... And I'm going to start being me a lot more often. It's been requested by many of the folks there on Wednesday. Get ready, cause here I come.
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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy father's day

I know, I am the luckiest dad ever.
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Monday, June 04, 2007

Life continues on and I haven't done much in a while on the guitar other than an occasional Sunday AM. But I've recently gotten back in the ol' saddle writing again. I've got a new song that I'm working on, it's going to be a top 5 hit on the country charts, it has to do with Fishing. You'll love it. Kate and I had a big weekend this past weekend. Cammie was out of town and we had the house to ourselves and spend time playing at the beach and going to visit the Coffee Shop called the Mockingbird Cafe' where Kate has made friends with all the servers. She gets a special milk with a squirt of chocolate...and of course some whipped cream.

Things are busy here in the Bay. Kate seems to be growing up and learning words so fast is scary. I've been getting busy with my company Fox Web Company and trying to keep it between the proverbial ditches. We've also started getting involved with more community stuff, and I've been playing "Cabbageball" which has been fun. It's like softball only without gloves and with a bigger softer ball. But you play it with grown men (and women) and it's a blast.
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