Monday, October 24, 2005

Back on!

Well, we got things straightened out with eBay. Those folks.... We had our phone number (the same number as is listed in our account info) on one listing and they pulled the listing because they apparently thought that we were going to try and sell the tractor off of ebay (costing them 200+ bucks in fees).

Well we aren't that dumb... anyhow we are back in business. I've got a great photo of the tractor that i'm going to post as soon as I find that dadgum cable that links the camera to the computer.

Stupid Newscasters

I've just been doing my morning bottle feed, and like almost always I cut on the TV and change it to fox news.

It amazes me how these guys will sit there with sheet metal blowing by, and they act like they HAVE to be out there or we wouldn't get good news.

I can't wait till one gets hit with a stop sign. Maybe that would stop the ridiculous stuff.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Theiving B#%#@ (thats the "B" in eBay)

So all the excitement of selling something BIG on eBay ended today. But the listing was supposed to end on monday you say? How did this happen? Well eBay screwed up. They send me a message saying that they were worried that a third party had accessed my account and done something to it.
I ask you, -- why would someone break in to my account and SELL something. That makes about as much sense as tits on a boar hog. I couldn't believe that happend. They couldn't just re-activate the listing. I have to re-list the thing again. From scratch. All over again.

I even had a closing party lined up for Monday night. Thanks eBay. You guys rock... Oh yeah, and I probably lost over a thousand bucks in commissions from this. Way to go guys. I don't want to pay my bills anyhow.

I'm so mad right now I could spit. I've heard that expression before, never used it. But I really could. I can't fathom that they just pulled them, and couldn't tell me what made them pull the listings to begin with. They didn't pull ANY other listings that we had. (and we have 15 or so other things going). Just pulled the ones that I gave a crud about.

Well I hope Steve understands that we didn't do anything bad. I can't understand it... It's not my fault.

Well in other great news we made it up to Stk to see the Dawgs play. Except for we had no intention of going "to" the game. We just took the Tater and tail-gated. Mister Mark, and his Maker were kind to me, as were all the kind folks who gave me ice and coke. Oh yeah, there was a football game and we could trip and fall and be 2 and 8 for the season if we don't watch it.
How does someone run for 257 yards and we have ONE stinking touchdown. Something is messed up.
We can't beat our little sissy homecoming team. Good job guys.

In good news, we got to see Brooke and Katie from back in the day. It's been 2 years since we've seen Katie. We miss her... She's got her a new man, seems like a pretty cool guy. Saw Cleatus and Harvey's had us up there for supper. Harvey can really cook. Love their honey mustard on that club salad. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ok. I'm tired and grumpy. I'm about to wrap it up for the night. The Tater did have a good day. More on her blog later. (

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Reminds me of an old Pearl Jam song

hey - Iiiiiiiiiii ohooo I'm still alive yeah Iiiiiiii ohooo I'm still alive.

Well you guessed it. The server migration didn't kill me. Although I did BREAK a stress toy the day after the actual migration working with a client. They called on the phone and were bugging me about something and BLAM it broke.
Lots of new stuff going on. Our eBay stuff is starting to get kicked in to high gear. We have two tractors listed and more going on this weekend. It's been lots of fun learning about John Deer Tractors. If you need one, check these out. One has a loader and it's been WELL taken care of. I can't wait to see how they turn out. It's a 20K tractor and it's at 15,850 right now.

I got some signs made like election signs with the flimsy metal stakes. It will help the folks that are driving by to see that these things are going on there, and we can get some good press by this as well.
Above is what the signs look like. Not exactly trademark infringement, but way cheaper than the 4 color...

Kate is looking so different.
She's a sweetie, her mom has been taking lots of photos for the family and her blog is off to a great start. She loves her swing.

I have a new business project that I'm working on, more details later. But it is REALLY exciting and will be a fun new endeavor. (I do have time to do more... Honestly)

another funny note, Google (blogger) noticed that I used the word "blog" in the spell check and said it was mis-spelled... what the crud?

All in all, i'm alive, i'm tired, i'm cranky, i'm ready for the weekend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's going to be one or the other

Big River Systems servers have been updated and are on a more stable and secure platform now where we can serve you better. Thank you for your continued support and patience while we seek to better serve you with your hosting needs!

Configuration Changes to Note:
If you used our web mail interface, you will now need to go to Http:// to check your web mail. For instance, if your email is you would you to to check your web mail. We are confident this will better serve your web mail needs and provide a better environment for your web mail. If you have any questions please call our office and we will explain the change to you.


We are still experiencing some network problems from our server migration. Please understand that we are aware of the problem and are working hard on the problem. We will have your site up as soon as possible. If you have another problem, please click here, to start a support ticket.
Thank you for choosing Big River Systems, LLC.

Server Migration is a ^%$#@@$$

I'm moving all my clients accounts to a faster better more secure server. I've never been as up tight as I have been the last couple of nights. It's just a crazy feeling, knowing that somewhere, there are two servers, that are copying 1's and 0's and if they all work, I'll be ok, but that if something happens, i'll be on the phone all day tomorrow talking to clients, working out problems and explaining that this is going to be ok.

I am using for my managed server. They are an INCREDIBLE company, support that really is good. I like to think that I'm like their support, when people call and need something, I really do take care of them and WANT to help them.

So how much faster is it you ask? Well it's like i went from a KIA sophia, to a FORD F250 superduty powerstroke, (quad cab of course).
It's a pretty big difference. I hope to have good things to report. Otherwise, I might just run off to the Bahamas, and hide from all the angry customers.

Ok, well I'm going to yawn a couple more times, and call it a night (meaning that I'll be back awake in about 2 hours when Kate wakes up).

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Did I mention how cute my little girl is??

In the face of one of the most stressfull days I have had since starting my company (dang hackers and poor tech support combined to bring on some good stress), I got to play with Kate today. She's such a joy, and a blessing we are so amazed by her each day. They say you never know what it's like until you have one. They are soo right.

Monday, October 03, 2005

did i mention how lucky i am

Having a cute, sweet, adorable little girl, is such a miracle. It's really unbelievable. What a blessing she is. How incredibly hard it is to fathom, wanting to get up at 12:51 am to change a diaper, or settle her down. It raises a million mental questions about my childhood. How did I act? who changed my diapers most? Who got up with me? Did you sing to me?.....
and oh so many more. It also raises questions about my parents divorce. How does something this great but seven times over, come to an end?

It makes me even more committed to raise this little girl, as best as I can. Admitting my imperfections, trying to be patient with her mother, and doing everything I can to give her a good home.

She's crying again so I've got to go. like programming

I'm up, fully awake -- trying to do some problem solving. It's just like college a logic problem, only with more serious consequenses.
IF crying then check diaper {
If diaper = stinky {
diaper1 = dirty
fresh diaper = diaper
If tummy = not_full {
take to mommy
if mommy is too tired then give formula
else tummy = ok
check other comfort levels

Ok. Thats a rough draft, I need to check my syntax but you get the idea. Pardon me for spelling or syntax errors, this was typed with one hand while administering a bottle with the other hand. I'm glad I had those progamming classes.