Friday, November 10, 2006

bit o' politics

I've been way behind on posting. Things are going well for the most part in my life. I heard something on the radio, and read about it again tonight on some news sites. It seems AL QUAEDA (our friends from the middle-east) seem to be mocking GWB and also encouraging the Democrats that won control of Congress. Why is that troubling? Well one might ask, "if I were to run for president, and Ted Bundy were my biggest supporter how would I feel?" There's your proof America. I'm not so sure the republicans have all the answers, and they are often corrupt as well, but lets just think about it. If you country is at war with someone, and they are FOR a political party, (oh, and they have killed 3000 American civilians in one day...) does this make you a bit uneasy? People who are vowing to blow up the white house are publicly endorsing the democrats... Lets make sure and save these tapes for the elections 2 years from now, and lets hope that we don't have any other tapes, like the ones of 9/11 to make us wish we had done something different. I can't say that I am fully behind either political party any more. But lets hope we don't