Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another one down

Always the fun time, another houge wedding is in the books. Benjamin Hogue got married this past saturday in Columbus MS.
It was great to see the family and by that I mean the 9 brothers, 1 of the two sisters and all the over 25 (that I could think of) grandkids.
I stayed with Tim and Christa, and it was great to see them and their boys. I'm leaving to head back via Louisville to make a couple of quick visits.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rainy day in the bay

This morning after a delightful bowl of raisin bran we started hearing the pitter patter of a nice BSL rain storm. Instantly the teams on-site transformed in to ponchoed workers. Many fret about the rain messing up our schedule, I simply see God giving us a chance to spend some time inside with families. This work is not simply about nails and roofing and sheetrock, but about sitting and listening to people over a cup of coffee...

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Its a monday

6:45 am comes early down here. The constant stream of fires that must me put out and endless...both from church and big river. Copiers that won't copy...bills to pay, clients that need something done, checks to deposit, people that need to pay me that need a phone call...etc. It never stops. I feel like I'm in the midst of something really special happening, but sometimes I miss it from all the stuff going on. If you are reading this and want to pray for something, start with us on the coast. I love what i'm doing down here, but sometime miss the big picture for the details. Jeans sermon was particularly good yesterday.
The gospel never gets old. I never cease to be reminded that its ok that it isn't ok and that Jesus moves toward things that are broken. Its nice to be able to be real enough to say, "i'm not ok" and not worry about being kicked out of the church. Down here the church in a sense is no different...with the exception of that the people are so broken we can't put a smile and an extra coat of paint on and try to hide it. I can live like this. I can thrive like this.

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Friday, July 07, 2006


wow. This week has screamed by. Meeting, doing, meetings, phone calls, kate, camm, and so much more. We are having the terns over tonight to watch the wizard of oz...and listen to floyd. What a great way to do a friday night. I still haven't been on a shrimp boat... I need to go, but missed the boat last weekend, (literaly). Oh well, there will be other trips.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fourth of july

when I woke up this morning several things were on my mind...weighing like a cross between an albatross and an anvil on me. I needed to get one problem fixed before 8 am so the client would arrive at work and see completed portions of the project. Much of my life right now is not planned, but more a reaction to things that are happening. I've never had such a big workload, but I've never had such rewarding work. I love my Lagniappe job. I love my big river systems job as well. It is hard to keep everyone happy. But I'm trying, after moving our house, and then the office, things were shaky for a week. I'm hoping this weel will be a good one. Its already shorter because of the fourth. Which brings me to my story. Last night we had 32 people at the new house. Even the cops came. We cooked for the LPC staff and 'terns and short termers... Even conrad came. We had a great time, the weather was perfect.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Get off my back

I'm sorry for not posting any more than I have, but I really have been busy. Cammie and I have been in our new home for a couple of weeks, and I spent the first full week after our move in Atlanta. We had a great trip with the church and we gave out hundreds and hundreds of Lagniappe carpenter pencils, and DVD's about the work going on down here. We are going to the Bay St. Louis crab fest this evening, and will be heading to a place called Daniels to hear a band later. Come visit, come work, or come hang out. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is really a neat place. We've met some really great people, and look forward to great things down here. The Church had a shrimp boil last night, and had around 150 people there eating and having some of the best boiled shrimp that I've ever had.

I'm going to start posting more regularly, things are starting to stabilize. My office is framed out, and we'll be ready to paint by Wednesday. I can't wait.