Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas time is here (and now its gone)

So some musings and ramblings on the past year, Chritmas time, and other things of note.

We had Christmas in Starkville, with Kate and all the brothers and sisters except betsy and jereme. But before we left we had Kate's first Christmas and it was really fun. She had a fun time watching her gifts get opened.

I got several cool things, I'll name some of them here so you can know what not to get me.
  • John Grisham Books
  • Palm Treo (from Big River)
  • Journal
  • Socks (lots of them)
  • Stationary (with my name on them)
  • Polo Shirt
  • MSU Polo Shirt
  • Makers Mark
  • Lots of stuff that I already owned from mom (she's cleaning out some space)
The list goes on, but you get the idea, not too shabby. Kate had the most presents of anyone I've ever seen.

The Starkville festivities were pretty interesting. Everyone was much more tolerable after a couple of drinks. I guess thats the way it goes with families.

We (me and charlie) went back to belzoni for another Duck Hunt. This time we didn't do jack. The weather was not cooperating. We were there and heard some thunder off in the distance, it was crazy, the ducks never even came over our decoys much, then we moved off to another spot, and a huge group flew down in to our decoys.
Right when we were leaving it started pouring. Add another week to my cold duration from that. My jacket is "water absorbent" which means that it soaked up about 40 lbs of water and was soo heavy.

I'll get back in the swing of things on here better soon. Had an unsuccessful deer hunt with robert today.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Killin' Mallards

Out of all the duck hunts i've been on, I've never qute had a day quite like friday. Went with delta down in Belzoni MS. We had quite a hunt. I hadn't shot that well at ducks in a long time. I also killed 2 with one shot, which I hadn't done in a duck hunt before. Done it with turkeys and doves but never ducks.
Below is Charlie and me with a limit of mallards.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

What a morning.

When I'm no so tired, I'll tell the whole story. This is worth reading about.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

This was a tough one

Tonight at youth we hit our second of 3 talks about relationships. Last week was on parents / children. Pretty simple, obey them in the Lord. Do what they say with a good attitude. (unless its something that is against the Lords will). And part B, fathers don't exasperate your children (did my parents ever get that memo????) .
Well tonight we jumped off the deep end. We talked about "boy-girl" relationships, which I entitled the "marriage talk" because the bible doesn't ever really talk about dating. People were pretty much having sex, either married or not married in the bible. Not a whole lot of dating referenced. You like one, you pick her out and get married. In SOS they wooing is actually done after they are married it seems.

So anyhow, I had the distinct priveledge of telling 20 kids that they needed to not commit adultery, or fornication, and explain what that was. I've always heard all these RUF folks talk about what's acceptable during dating, and they've never really said a whole lot, that would convict someone making out a good bit.... The thing is, I don't think that MT 5:28 leaves much room there:
"But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart."
I've never kissed a girl with out looking at her lustfully in my heart. So I'm pretty sure that folks that aren't married have no business doing that. Is that being legalistic? I dunno, is not shooting someone being legalistic about the commandment "thou shalt not kill"? I know it's got to be pretty un-popular with all the cool kids, and I know I'm guilty of doing that very thing... but I'm pretty sure that we take things way to lightly these days. "oh God didn't really mean you can't (______________) fill in your own blank he just wants you to know to be careful about that.

I'm pretty sure I regurgitated a good bit of what Jeffrey Lancaster (former Ole Miss Ruf and church planter in Memphis now) said at either an RYM or RUF summer conference. I'm glad I learned something in college. I just feel like such a hypocrite teaching about being pure. I'm such a liar... But the fact that I'm not perfect doesn't make the truth not the truth.

I got a palm treo, and wrote a post from the deer stand. I'll put it up tomorrow if i get a chance. The problem that I'm having is that now I have a good way of tracking my to do list better, and it's really overwhelming. But at least i know what all i need to do and what i need to get done in a day. If I can get monday behind me, i'm planning on hunting tuesday. It's supposed to be 24 deg tuesday am. Good day to kill some ducks, or maybe just a deer, i wouldn't mind killing either.