Thursday, February 09, 2006

it can't be true

I went to an art opening in Starkville tonight with C. and KT. It was really wild, the kids there (and I do mean kids), seemed like they were 12. I'm sure they were freshmen and sophomores but they seemed so young.
I remember feeling young and free the first couple of years of college, (and high school when I hung out with all the college folks). I guess I got a couple of extra college years in via my high school days, when I had more friends at MSU than at SHS.

So, tell me about you... Do you feel older? Does being on campus make you feel young again? Or does it make you feel 100 years old because you aren't a freshman any more???

Some folks talked a while back about Shane McRae being in the show Four Kings on NBC. Cammie and I watched a couple of episodes, but don't find a whole lot of redeeming quality in it. I'm very impressed with Shane's acting. He acts just like he did in high school. Perfect 10 on the casting call. I'd really love to see him cast as a sophisticated white collar stock day trader or something on the opposite of the spectrum. I guess that would be like Leslie Nielson being cast as a serious spy like James bond. No one would believe it. So, what do you think of Four Kings? The characters are really funny in and of themselves, but too much crude humor for me to sit and watch with the family.

Other fun stuff. C. just got a job writing a column in the local paper the "Winston County Journal". She's doing a "ask the wedding planner" thing like dear abby. Lets hope she can make more sense than dear abby. The only thing I liked about that column was the john prine song that came out of it.