Saturday, April 29, 2006

Waveland it is.

We got a contract for our new home in Waveland. I'm thrilled to have it done. Not thrilled thinking about packing up a house... I always hate the moving process. It's just soo much work. I'd rather be drug out and shot than have to pack up everything we own. I just don't like that part of it.

We are really excited, and should close in 30 days. Please pray for your humble abode here in Louisville to sell. Or to rent, either one is really ok with me. I hope everything is going well for your folks out there, I haven't gotten many comments in a while but I hope all of you guys out there are doing well.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Offer Made on House # 2

Pray for us to get this house. It's really one of a few that are move in ready in the bay-waveland area. We've got an offer in to them, and have a 4pm (CST) response time set up.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Daddy got a new toy

Rotary International helped raise money for this skid steer. WhenI talked to the folks about it 3 months ago I had no idea that I'd get to drive the thing. We are working on the "demo" stage of getting our new property ready. Conrad taught me how to drive tonight... Wow... I'm in the wrong line of work. This was incredible. I'm going back tomorrow afternoon when I get done with my meetings and going to give Jordan a break... I'm sure he'll need it by then. Posted by Picasa

that guy is my new pastor

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

oh to be this content...

(note the drool coming down the chin)
The house in the background is for sale. it went on the market today. Posted by Picasa


With everything going on I'm just a tad bit overwhelmed. It's a good thing to not be lazy, and I'm glad that I have so much to do. Yesterday I wrote out a to-do-list that was a full page typed.
The good thing about that was that much of it was business that I need to invoice... ;) but I need a couple more hours in the day. Or something...
Yesterday was a painful day in more ways than one. It was pay taxes, then pay taxes, then pay taxes. Yep,it was too much. Painful at best.
Kate has been fussy this week, I'm not sure whats been making her fuss, but I have a feeling its her teeth. She's got a couple of new ones coming in and I'm pretty sure they have something to do with it. It's like she's almost content, but not quite... She's on the edge...must not be hurting her too bad, but it's just enough to make her mad.

Oh well, the other things we are working on are:
  • Paint this house
  • Sell this house
  • Find another house in BSL (the bay)
  • Send invoices
  • Pay invoices that I owe
  • Get ready for the Senior Crawfish boil
  • Get ready for Isaac's
  • Plus all the details....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

note the wedding planner front and center

Trent wedding... Note my wife in the middle telling them what to do.. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Life in Natchez

I'm here on the back patio on the wireless conection. Roseavelt is taking care of my beverage needs. I'm happy to not have much on my mind other than taxes on monday. I've got to go buy a shirt for the wedding. my other one got stained in an unfortunate accident with some gravy.

We are staying here and if you want to come see it... you should

Friday, April 07, 2006

TAXES and the IMPORTANT stuff

TAXES and the IMPORTANT stuff…

Yeah, I worked on them till 12 last night, then most of the day today. I know that important as taxes are, I think I just had my most important 15 minutes of the day…at least in the big scheme of things. Kate was cranky, and fussing on the blanket with toys all around it. Cammie gave me one of those “it’s your turn buddy” looks. I did as asked, and got down on my back and played with that little tater. She has these little plastic balls and blocks that go with this toy. They are the size of limes; we played with that one ball for the entire time. I finished the game, by fitting the ball in my mouth, and pretending to launch it out my mouth by hitting my stomach…I know, crazy, but she loved it…Don’t miss the real important stuff. So far the most rewarding part of my day…That and the walk with my wife…

my girls, my work, my fun...

C. and KT are on board with the move. I'm on board with trying to get my taxes finshed. And get some web sites sold that are oh, so close to finalized. I just need another week and we should have more business than we can do in 3 months.

I also have a meeting with the Hancock County EOC folks next week. I'm hoping to do some work for them. I have 2 proposals to get out, and a couple of more price quotes to get started with...
These girls help keep me happy and motivated. Kate is in the room with me playing on a blanket on the floor with some toys her mom left with her. I'm "watching" her while i work on some stuff....I've really got to get up to the office where I won't be so distracted by things. I need more sleep but I am DYING to go put a big turkey on the ground. C's dad killed one with an 11 1/2 inch beard that he'd been hunting for 3 years.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Honey I'm home....

We made an offer on this pile of junk... ok not really this pile, but the house behind the pile.
As you can see it's almost like new construction, but it's in a neighborhood in Waveland that didn't get too much damage. Only water. Do you think we can get ziplock to come out with a "house sized" ziplock??? I'll email the CEO and get started on that.

When we take possession you are all invited down to help. There are plenty of places to stay, and plenty of great places to eat and drink... (well more than there are here anyway).

Stuart, I don't know if you remember offering to help with the move... I might need your help with the carpentry... I can get some high schoolers to unload a u-haul, but measure twice cut once, and have a good sense of humor... that's hard to find.

As you can see i'm going to need all new kitchen cabinents. If you know anywhere we can find some let me know. we like the white ones with the little piece of trim on the doors. With the polished silver looking hardware.... If I just had some home depot connections.

It's funny to be excited about buying a gutted house. It is something that I've always wanted to do. So I'm ready for it.

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call daddy

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Beware that you are not swallowed up in books! An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge." John Wesley (1703-1791) as seen on this blog.

I see the truth of this so clearly in the work of Lagniappe Pres. When you show people love and kindness, they want to know the knowledge.