Sunday, July 06, 2008

Forth Weekend.

It's been a busy weekend, and I've been crazy busy with this little one. I'm catching up, but you know, 7 or 8 months of a break is a lot to catch up in one day. I'm confident that good things are in store in life. As much pain and hard times are here, things are getting better, and things are not as they were. Greg preached a wonderful sermon this morning, and I tried to keep mom awake most of the time.

It was good to see all the SS class friends, and Kate was super excited after her Sunday School.

More soon, traveling tomorrow, but will be back after a quick trip to the coast tomorow for some more meetings, and life to happen. Kate loves the ride, and is the best travelling companion you could ask for. She's always ready to ride, and loves to point out "honka trucks" and "beetles."
Ok time for bed. I'm worn out, and all the outdoor activity of the weekend has taken it's toll... more rest for the weary.
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