Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fallen off the face...

I know some of you wondered if I've fallen off the face of the earth. Well, in a sense I have. I'm back, and in Good hands... The hands. Over the next day or so, I'll try and catch you up on where I've been the last 7 months, and what God has done.

It will be frank, and honest, and if you are just here to read about what I killed in hunting season, then now is the time to delete the bookmark and come back in a few months. I think I shot 3 doves last year, and went hunting one time.

If you do want to know, where I've been, and don't mind reading about some real pain and suffering and some awful times, and some sin, and how God redeems, then stick around. He is good and he does redeem.

I've written several huge posts, and I'm going to re-read them since many of them were journaled on my blackberry while riding or driving (is that illegal??). And I don't know, maybe no one reads these any more, but it's stuff that until recently has weighed me down, and it's all coming off my shoulder and the load is lighter. Stick around.

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rlc said...

does my heart good to see you blogging again! we'll be readin'...
love y'all!